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Night out & OOTD: Jimmy Carr

Monday, 30 June 2014

Hey Honeybees!

At the weekend, Saturday to be exact, Mr Honeybee and I ventured out to Stockport Plaza to see comedian Jimmy Carr.

I can't really tell you any of his jokes as they're a bit too naughty. I can tell you, he was really funny and Mr Honeybee and myself enjoyed ourselves.

Stockport Plaza - Jimmy Carr

I wore my polka dot trousers that you've seen in a previous blog and some new things pictured below.

Top from Tesco - £12

I wore a sheer turquoise short top from Tesco and a white top underneath as the turquoise one is see-through. The turquoise one cost £12 and the white one £5.

On my feet I wore some slip on canvas shoes from Primark for £4.

Primark - £4

My bright yellow handbag also comes from Primark. It cost me £8 and I absolutely love it.

Primark - £8

My jewellery all came from Primark, a flower necklace, a boho bracelet and a pearl ring.

Primark - £4

Bracelet Primark - £3

Primark - £1

On my nails I wore Barry M silk nail polish in Meadow. Face wise I wore Maybeline Baby skin, Barry M foundation, Benefits Boi-ing concealer, Makeup academy pro base eye primer, Barry M Summer Love Palette eye-shadow in green, Clinque eyelash primer, Max Factor clump defy. Rimmel clear complexion powder and on my lips Max Factor max effect lip gloss in weekend spa.

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Have you been on any interesting nights out recently? Let me know in the comments. Also share any OOTD you've blogged about with a link.

Thanks for reading

Melissa (Honeybee Chatter) xx

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Primark Haul

Hey Honeybees!

It's time for another lovely Primark haul, Mr Honeybee wanted to have a nose in the men's section so I thought it would be rude for me not to have a look.

This time I picked up some shoes, jewellery, a handbag and a coin purse, I can't wait to show you. 

I'll start with the shoes that I bought, I bought three pairs. I picked up some Birkenstock style sandals, laced up plimsolls and slip on plimsolls.

Primark - |£4

The Birkenstock style shoes pictured above cost me £4. They're blue and white in a flower print and I think they're really cute.

Primark - £4

The shoes above are navy and white stripe slip on canvas shoes, they cost £4. I've not had this style before, I think they look really nice on.

Primark - £3

The last pair of shoes I bought are navy and white lace up shoes with flowers on. They only cost £3 and I know they'll be comfy as I have two other pairs in different patterns and colour. 

Primark - £4

Moving onto jewellery I got two necklaces. the first one above, has a gold chain with five flowers. There's three royal blue flowers with a diamanté in the middle and green stones round the outside and two turquoise flowers with lighter green stones round the outside. This one was only £4 and it really looks nice on.

Primark - £4

My second necklace is also five flowers in a bronze metal and pale pink colour and it cost £4.

Primark - £1

I only got one ring this time and it only cost £1. It's gold with a white pearl in the middle and diamanté round the outside in a circle. 

Primark - £3

The last bit of jewellery I picked up is a stretch Boho bracelet. It's silver with blue stones in, it has a lot of pretty detail. This was a bargain at £3.

Primark - £8

My favourite purchase this trip to Primark has to be this bright yellow twist lock pocket bag. The photo doesn't really show what a lovely bright colour it is. This also comes in black, pastel blue and pastel pink, it's priced at £8 and it's totally worth it. It has a strap and two handles with a twist pocket at the front. The main compartment has a zip with one zip pocket inside.

Primark - £2

Last but not least I bought this super cute French bulldog coin purse, this is priced at just two English pounds.  

That is all for this Primark haul, I hope you like it, if you do please follow me and maybe leave a comment telling me what you have bought from Primark. You can also leave me a link to your blog if you have done a post on a Primark haul.

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Thank for reading, time for you to buzz off, Bees.

Melissa(Honeybee Chatter) xx

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Styles From The Past- 1992-1997

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Today I'm going to take you back, back to my fashion of the past, starting in 1992 - 1997. 

Lets start with this bobby-dazzler, here I'm wearing a black and white buttoned flowery skirt and black and white stripy crop top. Look at that belly! It's not looked like that for a long time. The skirt use to be too big as well it was always spinning round my waist. The photo was taken on a family day trip to Southport.

Here I am again sporting that crop top, only this time I teamed it up with a black mini skirt. I'm also wearing a pair of black jelly shoes which have just come back in fashion! I won't be buying a pair now though. This photo was taken in Menorca on a family holiday.

This was taken on the same holiday to Menorca. I'm wearing a black and white crop top to cover my modesty and a turquoise silk butterfly dress I bought from Topshop. I loved that dress, they were all the rage back then.

In this photo I'm at a school disco sat on one of those wooden chairs that use to rip your tights. I'm wearing a red satin mini skirt and a top that says Re-active that I got from Miss Selfridge.

Wow! I could have won fashion icon of the year for this outfit. I chose to wear these jeans, a funny green shirt and space sunglasses to Alton Towers. I had those Glasses because Ronan from Boyzone had some, dear oh dear.

I thought I'd throw this one of me at school In for a giggle. I have my bright orange Addidas jacket on. Two of my friends had them to, one in luminous yellow and one in luminous green. We use to call ourselves the traffic lights.

This is me at a friends house wearing white trousers, black high heal flip flops and a black shirt. I always think I look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever in this photo.

Here I am in a cottage in Ireland doing my Posh Spice pose. I'm wearing a turquoise mini skirt and a blue, green and white stripe top.

Still in Ireland and I'm wearing that black shirt again with red jeans and black and white Addidas trainers.

Here I am back in the cottage wearing those red jeans and a red, black and white jumper which was itchy and drove me mad.

Finally, here I am at a bowling place in Salford wearing my Tribute to Bewitched. That's right Bee's a bit of denim on denim action, I'm also wearing a maroon top and some sexy bowling shoes.

There you go, a blast from the past of fashion. Do you guys have any photos of past fashions? Maybe some you regret, maybe some you love? Post some pictures in the comments or post me a link to one of your posts.

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Thanks for reading

Melissa (Honeybee Chatter) xx

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OOTD: Fathers Day

Monday, 16 June 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Yesterday as you know was Fathers day, my Dad lives in Kentucky U.S.A so Mr Honeybee and I spent the day with his Dad, Brother and Sister-in-law at a family barbecue. I thought I'd show you what I wore.

I wore a England t-shirt as it's football season with the world cup being on. This isn't an ordinary England T-shirt though, this is a cat in a hat T-shirt, what could be better! I picked this up in Asda for £6.

Asda - £6

On my lower regions I wore some black with white polka dot lounge trousers also from Asda they were £8.  They are so comfy it's like wearing your Pyjama's outside.

Asda - £8

I wore the lounge trousers with my Aztec print plimsolls from Primark they were £3. 

Primark - £3

Jewellery wise, I wore some blue large stud earrings from Primark. I can't remember how much they were as I bought them a while back.


I also wore a necklace from Asda that I bought a while ago so I can't remember the price of that either. It's silver and sparkly with flowers on. In the picture below I'm also wearing a cameo ring that I got from Sainsbury's.

Necklace - Asda, Ring - Sainsbury's 

As you can see above I'm wearing blue and white polka dot nails. I used Models own Hyper Gel in cornflower gleam and Barry M nail art pen in white. 

In my hair I wore a hair band/turban in black and grey animal print, again it's from Asda £4. 

Asda - £4

That's everything I wore yesterday! On a slightly different note Mr Honeybee made a cake for his dad for Fathers day it's a football themed cake. I thought I'd share a little picture with you.

Are any of you getting into the football spirit, do you have any football clothing, how do you accessorise? Post a picture in the comments or a link to your blog.

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Thanks for reading!

Melissa(Honeybee Chatter) xx

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25 Facts About Me

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Today I thought I'd do a more personal blog to help you get to know me better. So here are twenty five rather interesting things about me.

1. Foods I don't like include, Peppers, Nuts, Olives, Sultanas, Currents, Raisins, Banana, Avocado, Celery, Couscous, Quorn, Liquorice, Mince pies, Cottage cheese, Swede, Toffee, Runner beans and Peanut butter.

2. I love everything to do with Disney but unfortunately I've never been to Disneyland. My favourite characters are Eeyore and Belle.

3.My favourite season is Autumn, I love all the leaves and the smell of Autumn in the air.

4. I get grumpy when I'm hot, tired or Hungry.

5. I collect character socks, I don't think I own a pair of black socks and I definitely don't own white ones. I have well over 100 pairs,

6. If I have a tub with tablets in or a tub of sweets like Tic Tacs I have to shake them.

7. I'm shy and quite when I first meet people but once I get to know you you'll realise how weird and Loopy I am. 

8. My favourite One Direction song is Story of my life.

9. My favourite films of all time are Dirty Dancing, Grease, Ghost, The Bodyguard, Pretty Woman, Demotion Man, Mary Poppins, Sister Act, Annie, Oliver, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Father or the bride 1 & 2 and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

10. I have a dog Called Charlie and a cat Called Django.

11. I love all animals except Snakes and Wasps. One of my favourite things to do is go to the zoo.

12. My favourite genre of books to read is Chick Lit, I once sent a book I have written to several Literary agents but got rejected. My Favourite authors are Jenny Colgan, Clodagh Murphy, Marian Keyes, Lindsey Kelk and Jane Costelllo.

13. I like taking photographs, lots and lots of photographs.

14. I like Orange flavoured things but not mint flavoured things. I always go for orange, Chocolate, Smarties, Starburst, Quality street, Roses, Jelly babies, Wine gums and anything else that is orange.

15. I love nail varnish especially Barry M I have loads of them. When my nails aren't painted it makes me sad.

16. Some nicknames my Fiancée, Friends and Family call me are, Moo, Moolissa, Lis, Lissa, Mollie, Molls, and Bunny. 

17.  I can't catch, throw, hit or kick a ball very well, I'm rubbish.

18. I can't ride a bike.

19. My favourite number is 13

20. Christmas makes me happy. I love everything about it, the food, presents, films and especially the decorations. I have over 200 baubles.

21. I don't drink Tea or Coffee.

22. My middle name is Louise.

23. I'm probably the most indecisive person you'll meet.

24.My favourite sounds are Seagulls and Gibbons.

25. My name "Melissa" means Honeybee which is why I called the blog Honeybee Chatter.

I hope you enjoyed reading this more personal post and getting to know me a bit more. I'd love to know twenty five facts about you, if you have done one of these post a link in the comments. 

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Melissa (Honeybee Chatter) xx


What's in my bag?

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Today I'll be showing you what's in my handbag, I know I enjoy a good nose in other peoples bags so I thought maybe you would to. 

I'll start by telling you and showing you what handbag I use, it's the Lizzie Animal print in pink from Pauls boutique London and it cost £65.

Pauls Botique - £65

I don't think you can get this on the website any more, I think I've had it for over a year now. There use to be a purse sold separately to match this I think it cost around £26.

The bag has one large compartment that is secured with a zip and a clasp, the photo's below show what I mean by clasp I don't know the actually name for this. It has a loop on the outside for your keys but I wouldn't put mine on it someone may try to steal them. Inside as I said it has a large compartment with a zip pocket at the back and a phone pocket at the front. 

With it having a large compartment I tend to put loads of rubbish in there, as you'll soon see.

In the Picture above I have my pill dispenser as  I have a memory like a sieve and If I didn't have this I would forget to take my tablets. Also in the picture is a rose quartz stone, some tissues, hair elastics, an out of date passport and chewing gum that I don't like. What I do like is the Nivea Lip Butter in raspberry, It smells absolutely delicious. 

In the above picture are the more unusual things in my bag. I have a Yorkshire Terrier called Charlie (he's not in my bag) so I have to carry certain things, poo bags (empty of course) a fold-able dog bowl for water and a Pets At Home receipt. 

Next I have a blue sequined hat from New look, a Paul Smith scarf with skulls on,  a pink comb, a cameo style ring and two purses. The Tuxedo cat purse is for notes and cards, I got that from and the owl one is for my coins I got that from Ebay.

I have lots of unnecessary receipts in my bag, a flower carrier bag, some tissues, a penny, an asthma inhaler, painkillers and some Carex wipes.

I have some more of that chewing gum I don't like, but also the chewing gum I do like, the Extra white bubble-mint flavour, this one is my favourite.

In this picture I have three pens one of which is broke, some more stones a white one and another rose quartz one, a pink USB stick, a swiss army knife (be prepared, dib, dib, dib, dob,dob,dob) and my Ipod.

Here I have my keys and several key-ring's. a Christmas tree one I have on all year long, a I love cheese one, a couple I got from different zoos, a monkey trolley token, a Las Vegas Betty Boop keyring with my name on it and two key-ring's with photos of me and Mr Honeybee on.

Last but not least, I have my Betty Boop glasses case and iphone with a Headcase  pink phone cover with a Panda on.

Well, that's everything I had in my bag I hope you enjoyed having a look at what I carry around. Have you done a "What's in my bag?" if you have leave me a link in the comments below, I'd love to have a look.

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Thanks for reading.
Melissa (Honeybee Chatter) xx

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